Water & Energy Laboratory (WE Lab)

Welcome to the homepage of the Water & Energy (WE) research Laboratory at University of California at Merced.  Energy and water are top two global challenges for the new millennium.  The WE Lab focuses on science and technology for sustainable supply of energy and water.  Synergic experiments and numerical simulations are applied to investigate multiscale mass and energy transport in water and energy technologies.  








News  & Updates

08/24/2015  Xiumin Shang and Ali Hassanzadeh joined WE Lab as 

            PhD students. Welcome.

06/15/2015  Welcome Dr. Hafiz Ali to join WE Lab as postdoctoral


05/04/2015  Welcome Dr. Majid Ahmadlouydarab to join WE Lab as

            postdoctoral researcher. 

05/01/2015  Congratulations to Dadong Wang for winning the Graduate Dean's 

            Dissertation Fellowship.

04/21/2015  Congratulations to Chuanjin Lan for winning the ME Bobcat 

            Fellowship for the Summer 2015.

01/03/2015  Dr. Hao Peng, Dr. Jian Xu, and Dr. Hanfei Guo joined WE Lab as               postdoctoral researchers. Welcome!

06/13/2014  Zhengxian Qu passed Ph.D qualifying exam. Congratulations!

02/01/2014  Dr. Souvik Pal joined WE Lab as a postdoctoral researcher.             Welcome!

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